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How To Get Started

If you feel that your child may benefit from occupational or physical therapy, please call us at (972) 905-3413 or e-mail us at rpatel@kidabilitytx.com. Based on the challenges your child is facing, we can determine together what type of service will meet your child’s needs. We offer physical/occupational therapy screenings and comprehensive evaluations for either therapy. You can download intake forms directly from our website. The information you provide will help us target the specific areas we need to investigate to meet your child’s unique needs.

Prior to your child’s evaluation, we will contact your physician to obtain a referral for your child’s physical or occupational therapy evaluation. A physician referral is not required for a brief screening. However, if the screening determines that your child may benefit from an evaluation, we will pursue obtaining that referral for you.

During the initial evaluation, we do a combination of standardized testing and clinical assessments to determine your child’s needs. The evaluation will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1-½ hours to complete and will require you or another legal guardian to be present. We will ask questions about your child’s day, how he/she plays, schoolwork, and behavior at home or out in the community. Please make sure you bring up all concerns with your therapist , even if you don’t believe they are typically addressed by therapists –you might be surprised how we can help or direct you to someone who may be able to help with that issue!

We will also contact your insurance carrier to verify your child’s benefits and will discuss this with you prior to the evaluation. It is always best for YOU to verify your benefits as well, so that all your questions are answered appropriately.

If treatment is recommended, we will use your concerns and the therapists’ clinical assessment to create a treatment plan. Then, we will obtain authorization from your insurance carrier and call or e-mail you to schedule regular standing appointments on a weekly basis. These appointments are usually between 30 and 45 minutes long, and family is encouraged to participate in the session as long as it is not taking away from the value of the session.