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What to expect during your child’s evaluation

Examining Infant

After we receive a referral from your child’s physician requesting an evaluation for physical or occupational therapy, we will contact you to set up a time and date for an initial evaluation. Some things to keep in mind about this evaluation are:

  • This initial evaluation is typically longer than any following appointments. The therapist will be asking you questions about your child’s developmental history, his/her typical day, and in some cases, YOUR typical day. You will also talk about your concerns.
  • The therapist will then take some time to evaluate and assess your child. The therapist will observe your child doing different activities such as playing with toys, standing, sitting, moving and making transitions between activities. We will use standardized testing, when appropriate, to determine what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are in relation to other children in the same age range.
  • Child playing with toys
  • The evaluation is also a chance for you to see how your child relates to the therapist. Is your child comfortable with them? Do you have any questions for the therapist? This is your chance and your child’s chance to ask any questions of the therapist that you may have.
  • After you review and discuss these assessments with the therapist, you both will come up with a treatment program and goals for your child’s therapy, if appropriate. It’s important that you communicate openly with the therapist. It’s typical to review your child’s progress and do a formal reassessment every six months. The most important thing is that you agree on the goals of your child’s therapy and how you’re going to achieve them. Because therapy isn’t just the time you spend in treatment sessions. It’s all the little things you do every day to support your child’s development!
Child playing with toys

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